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Meet Australia’s Job Market Demands with High-Demand Courses

Your Roadmap For ASQA’s Annual Declaration Process

Electric Vehicle Surge Prompts Automotive Skills Upgrade and Presents Opportunities for RTOs and TAFEs

Empowering Workforce Development with the Australian Skills Guarantee

eSkilled’s Diamond Sponsorship for the Insources Australian Tertiary and VET Conference 2024

Critical RTO Transition: 90% of RTOs Lagging Behind

eSkilled e-Learning Walkthrough: A Closer Look At Our e-Learning Resources

MEM Training Package Update: Everything You Need to Know

Why You Should Offer VET Funding Courses and How to Get Started

All You Need to Know About the Latest UET Training Updates

MSF Qualification Training Package Updates and Extended Transition Periods Crucial for Australian RTOs

UEE Training Package Updates in Australia: Everything You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know About FWP Training Package Updates

Australian Meat Processing Training Package in Australia Gets a Boost with this AMP Training Package Update

Highly Anticipated Release of Cutting-Edge RTO Materials and e-Learning Resources for Australia’s Latest Training Packages

HLT Training Package Updates: Everything You Need to Know

MST Training Package Updates and Essential Extended Transition Periods – Vital for Every RTO!

National Quality Framework and National Construction Code 2022 Updates to Transform Education and Building Standards

Student Support Services: A Game-Changer in Choosing the Right Training Provider

Victorian Skills Chief Craig Robertson to Lead Overhaul of VET Qualifications

CHC Training Package Updates: Everything You Need to Know 

SIS Training Package Update: Everything You Need to Know

CPC Training Package Updates: Everything You Need to Know

AHC Training Package Changes: Everything You Need to Know and Latest AHC Materials   

Effective Teaching Practices and Student Support Services for Successful Online VET Delivery

Latest News on PSP Qualification Units: Updates on Recent Training Packages and Extended Transition Periods

South Australian Budget Injects Massive Funding into Skills and Training Sector to Combat Workforce Shortages

Unveiling the Secrets of Effective Online Training: What Makes It Work?

Prioritising Students’ Needs and Altruism Drive Success, Says NCVER Research

Empowering First Nations in the Workforce: Unveiling Positive Trends and Promising Opportunities

Building a Skilled Workforce: $3.5 Million Investment Transforms Mount Isa’s TAFE Engineering and Trade Workshop

Government Announces Indigenous Stream to Improve Literacy, Numeracy, and Digital Skills for First Nations Australians

Skills Ministers Collaborate on Key Reforms and National Skills Agreement

Clarifying VET Student Numbers: DEWR Dispels ‘Misleading’ Claims

Rosalie Staggard Appointed Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance’s Executive Manager for Workforce Planning and Training Products

Education Expert to Lead Comprehensive NSW VET Review

Empowering Western Australia through Independent RTOs: Unleashing the Full Potential of Skills Training

 Keeping Up with MEA Training Updates: What You Must Know

Skills Insight JSC Established to Strengthen Australia’s VET System

Technical Reference Group Established to Support Vocational Education Training in Australia

Empowering Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics, and Mining and Automotive Industries through Jobs and Skills Councils

Empowering Regional Communities: VET’s Key Role in Addressing Skills Shortages

Labour Market Update – May 2023: Australian Labour Market Shows Strength Despite Challenges

The Mining and Automotive Skills Alliance (AUSMASA) Becomes Australian Government Jobs and Skills Council for Mining and Automotive Industries

 Maximising Success in VET: 2023 Student Outcomes Survey Now Open

Enhance the Future of VET through ASQA’s 2023 Provider and Course Owner Survey

Fee-Free TAFE Initiative in Northern Territory Saves Territorians Thousands, Boosts Access to Skills Training

Taking a Firm Stand Against Fraudulence: How ASQA is Combatting Bogus VET Qualifications

Australia’s New Approach to VET: Jobs and Skills Council

Adapting and Thriving: The Resilience of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in the Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Government’s Fee-Free TAFE Program Empowers Thousands, Sees Enrolment Surge

ASQA Empowers ESOS Providers Through Written Agreements: Enhancing Student Rights and Obligations, Ensuring Compliance

Australian Education Regulator Cracks Down on Unethical Practices in International Student Delivery

ASQA Approves Extended Transition Period for CSC Training Package Qualifications

Potential Softening in Australian Labour Market as Fill Rates for Skilled Jobs Rise, Survey Shows

 Closing the Skills Gap: A Look at the 2023-24 Budget Measures

Taking Vocational Education to New Heights: National Training Register Enhancement Project

ASQA Update: Annual Registration Charge (ARC) Invoicing Set in July 2023

Fee-Free TAFE Initiative Revolutionises Tasmania’s VET Landscape

DEWR Appoints Anna Faithfull as New Deputy Secretary for Skills and Training

Boosting Australia’s Workforce: $4.1 Billion Investment in Critical Skills and Training

Hon Brendan O’Connor MP Underscores VET’s Critical Role at AVETRA Conference 2023

Insights into NCVER’s Report on VET Delivery in Regional, Rural and Remote Australia

International VET Completers Achieve Record-High Employment Outcomes in 2022: NCVER Report

Minister Brendan O’Connor Announces Plans to Improve VET Completion Rates Through National Skills Agreement

Skills Insight’s New Function: A Focus on Collaboration with Industries and Stakeholders

Explore Industry Skills Australia’s New Website and Build a Better Future for the Transport and Logistics Industry

Stay Up-to-Date: Get the Latest AVETMISS Data Reminder and National VET Research Conference ‘No Frills’ 2023 Updates

FNS Training Package Updates: Everything You Need to Know

NCVER Report Reveals 14% Surge in Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships

What’s New in the VET Sector? ASQA’s Recent Updates and Their Implications for Registered Training Organisations

Hot off the press: Latest RTO Product Release for e-Learning Quals and Units

Key Insights from NCVER Research Messages 2022 Report: Preparing for the Future of VET in Australia

Important Things You Need to Know About the Latest Government-Funded Students and Courses Report

SIT Training Package Update: Everything You Need to Know

Is Blended Learning the Future of Education for VET? How These Advantages of Blended Learning Help RTOs

RTO Compliance Reporting: Submission, Deadlines, and Best Practices

ASQA’s 2023 RTO and ESOS Obligations Checklists: Your Key to Managing Your Reporting Obligations with Ease

New Labour Market Update Report: Full-Time Employment Increases, but Skill Shortages Remain a Challenge in Australia

Meeting Regulatory Requirements for RTO’s Scope Expansion: The Importance of Quality Training and e-Learning Resources

HumanAbility: The New Jobs and Skills Council for Health, Early Childhood Education and Care, Sport and Recreation, and Human Services

Did You Catch All the 2022 Training Package Transitions?

Get Updates on the Latest MSM Training Package!

Training and Education (TAE) Training Package Updates: Everything You Need to Know

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