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Your Roadmap For ASQA’s Annual Declaration Process

Quality assurance is vital to the vocational education and training (VET) sector of Australia, ensuring that registered training organisations (RTOs) like yours continue to meet high standards and comply with regulatory requirements. The annual declaration on compliance is a necessary step in the process and a crucial statement contributing to nationwide VET excellence.

What Is the Annual Declaration on Compliance?

The ASQA annual declaration on compliance is a required formal statement from RTOs across Australia. It verifies that the organisation follows the Standards for all certifications issued over the last 12 months. The annual declaration on compliance confirms that:

  • Your documentation is up-to-date and precise.
  • Your organisation actively ensures compliance with regulatory obligations.
  • Your organisation continuously identifies and manages potential risks.

For a more detailed understanding of the reporting regulations, refer to Clause 8.4 of the Standards.

What Is the Due Date for RTO Compliance Declaration?

Every year, the chief executive officer (CEO) of each RTO receives an invitation to submit their annual declaration on compliance via email. Each email contains a unique link for the online declaration. Ensure your organisation meets the deadline by maintaining updated registration information on and asqanet.

Deadline reminders will be sent via email and web notifications and mentioned in the ASQA update newsletter. It is crucial to note that non-compliance could result in regulatory sanctions.

The submission date for newly established training providers depends on the initial registration date. An annual declaration on compliance is required if the organisation has completed its registration by 31 December of the previous year.

Your Declaration of Compliance Checklist

For a smooth and prompt submission process, follow this checklist:

  • Ensure that ASQA has your correct and most current records.
  • Update your organisation’s information on asqanet.
  • Monitor compliance actively and begin the declaration process ahead of time.
  • Evaluate your operations against the Standards and requirements for registration.
  • Confirm compliance with all regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure submission of the declaration form by the deadline; late submissions are usually only accepted with prior consent.

Utilising ASQA’s Self-Assessment Tool

ASQA promotes the use of its self-assessment tool, which is designed to assist in reviewing regulatory obligations and operations against standards and identifying potential risks. While it does not substitute the actual declaration, it is an effective tool for preparation.

How Do I Complete My RTO’s Annual Declaration on Compliance?

Completing the compliance declaration form involves the following:

  • Reviewing, editing, and saving information while filling in the form.
  • Ensuring all provided information is accurate before submission.
  • Saving a copy of all responses (whether through printing, saving a PDF, or emailing a copy) immediately after submitting.

Note that the form can only be submitted once. Upon submission, it can no longer be accessed or edited. To double-check if your submission is successful, follow these steps:

  • Revisit the initial email from ASQA.
  • Click on the provided web link.
  • Confirm that you have a confirmation message indicating that you have successfully submitted your annual declaration on compliance.

In case your CEO does not receive the unique web link during the ASQA annual declaration submission period, follow these steps:

  • Check the spam or junk mail folders.
  • Verify and, if necessary, update your email address on and asqanet before contacting the ASQA Info Line to request a resend of the email.
  • Reach out to the ASQA Info Line for additional assistance as required.

Your RTO’s annual declaration on compliance is essential to maintaining high VET standards in Australia. With prompt and precise submissions, your organisation can significantly contribute to the system’s overall efficiency and integrity.

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