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Electric Vehicle Surge Prompts Automotive Skills Upgrade and Presents Opportunities for RTOs and TAFEs


As ownership of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) grow in Australia, the automotive industry evolves to meet demands, opening opportunities for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions. The Australian Mining and Automotive Skills Alliance (AUSMASA) is at the forefront of this change, pushing for a skills upgrade among mechanics to cater to the evolving needs.

The rising popularity of battery electric vehicles has led to a surge in demand for technicians skilled in servicing a wide range of battery electric vehicles in both the automotive and mining sectors.

This requirement, pinpointed by AUSMASA through comprehensive industry consultations, is in line with Australia’s pledge to meet its CO2 targets in the coming decade, signifying a major move towards an eco-friendlier economy.

For RTOs and TAFEs, this shift represents a lucrative opportunity, leading to a rise in enrolments and a subsequent increase in their revenue.

By introducing courses that meet the industry’s requirements, these institutions can bolster their standing as top-tier providers of vocational education and training.

Automotive Skills Upgrade for Battery Electric Plant Competency

Professionals who hold the AUR31220 Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology, AUR30320 Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology, and AUR30620 Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology are now expected to upgrade their skills to remain relevant in the field of battery electric plant competency.

The demand for skill enhancement extends to a wide range of professionals, including automotive electrical technicians, electric vehicle mechanics, light and heavy vehicle technologists, diesel fitters, mobile plant technicians, heavy vehicle mechanics, elevated work platform technicians, and forklift mechanics.

Battery Electric Vehicle Skill Sets Upgrade

Automotive graduates are being encouraged to gear up for this transition. They are anticipated to undertake skill set upgrades, including AURSS00063 – Battery Electric Vehicle Diagnose and Repair Skill Set, and AURSS00064 – Battery Electric Vehicle Inspection and Servicing Skill Set.

While this does underscore a current skills gap, those who complete the new skill sets will be at the cutting edge of this rapidly changing industry.

Paving the Way Forward for Automotive Training

Although the introduction of battery electric vehicles in Australia is still in its infancy, this transition offers a unique chance for RTOs and TAFEs to pave the way in training automotive technicians as BEV technology continues to progress and broaden.

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