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The Best e-Learning Formats for Your RTO

Best e-Learning Formats for Your RTO

Recently, there’s been an increasing demand for e-Learning opportunities. The pandemic has intensified the need for safer, distance learning options to replace in-school learning. The quick deliverability, flexibility, and accessibility of e-Learning make it ideal for students and RTOs to deliver a range of courses.

But not all e-Learning formats are created equal. There’s much more to e-Learning than PowerPoint presentations and the conference call set-up. Before buying RTO e-Learning materials, finding the best ways to teach students through e-Learning is best.

Check out the top 8 formats below to see which one is best suited for your RTO:

Computer-based training

One of the most common e-Learning formats, the computer-based training format is delivered through a personal or networked computer. The training is provided through specialised software such as a Learning Management System (LMS) or other special in-house programs.

For some computer-based training, students or learners receive a CD-ROM or DVD to access the learning content. Some of the best uses for computer-based training are for these subjects:

  • Software training
  • Corporate training
  • Language learning
  • Child learning programs

Another type of computer-based training is called web-based training, which uses online tools. Typical features of web-based training include:

  • Virtual classrooms
  • Use of internet or intranet for data gathering
  • More interaction between learners and trainers

Computer-based or web-based training can be done simultaneously with all new materials are given to the students at the same time or according to a schedule. Or it can be given sporadically so students can go through the material at their own pace.

Learning videos

Video is one of the most popular ways to provide educational material. With a learning video format, instructors can explain more complex concepts more quickly and efficiently than text alone.

A good learning video can appeal to a broader audience because it connects to more senses and helps foster a better real-world understanding of the educational material. You can do a lot with a video that you just can’t with a text-only learning format.

Learning videos also have a tonne of variety you can choose from like animation, simulations, demos, interactive videos, and more. You can also combine the different types of videos to better fit your RTO and students’ needs.


A standard when it comes to e-Learning content, webinars are a great alternative to in-person presentations. These webinars usually have a presenter or multiple presenters discussing a topic with some visual aids.

Webinars can be done live or pre-recorded and released to students. Live webinars have the advantage of real-time interaction with students. Your learners can ask the instructors during the webinar and have them answered immediately.

A pre-recorded webinar, on the other hand, is much more accessible because they can be viewed by the learner whenever they want.

Game-based learning

Who says learning can’t be fun? Game-based learning offers learners the experience of acquiring new knowledge in an engaging and interactive game format. These can be as simple as a quiz-type game where you get points for answers. Or they can be as intricate as recreating situations a learner might face in real life called simulations or simulation games.

Custom-developed serious games with exciting gameplay and a compelling story can improve knowledge retention and boost learner motivation.

This e-Learning content format is best used for soft skills, management skills, decision-making capabilities, understanding complex processes, and testing out scenarios.

Virtual reality

Also known as augmented reality or mixed reality, this e-Learning mode is an elevated level of the simulated learning format. This is the ideal format to deliver knowledge and teaching valuable practical skills in instances where it’s too difficult or too dangerous to replicate in real life.

From healthcare to manufacturing, the virtual reality learning format has a range of uses in various industries. Virtual reality also has a plethora of benefits, such as encouraging self-controlled learning, increasing motivation, and better long-term retention of information.


Micro-content or a micro-learning platform involves educational content presented in short bursts like a quick slideshow, flashcards, infographics, short quizzes, and the like. This type of e-Learning is typically used to relay simple concepts.

Students will be able to revisit these micro-content learning materials to ensure retention. Instructors won’t have to worry about keeping their learners’ attention because of the quick delivery of this format. Also, since they’re delivered in short intervals, learners can do them whenever they’re available.

Mobile content

Mobile content format is similar to micro-content in terms of delivery. The difference is that mobile content refers specifically to e-Learning mobile applications which students can access easily through their devices whenever and wherever they want.

Interactive learning mobile applications put personalised e-Learning on another level. With this format, instructors can prevent giving students information overload and help them focus better.

Navigating e-Learning tools for your RTO

Every e-Learning content format offers its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the need of the RTO and its students. As an RTO, what’s most important is finding the right e-Learning resources for sale, and a learning management system designed explicitly with RTOs in mind.

Check out eSkilled’sRTO e-Learning resources for sale and awesome LMS packages!

Start your online learning journey with our engaging and interactive e-Learning resources and Learning Management System. Equipped with collaborative tools and activities like quizzes, forums, wikis, glossaries, database activities, webinars, and so much more, our e-Learning materials are here to provide a quality experience for your RTO.

In addition to great teaching tools, our LMS also has instant messaging services allowing easy two-way dialogue between trainers and students. Engaging the class or individual students in discussions is a breeze with this tool.

Best of all, you can access our LMS and any of our e-Learning materials on any device. Students and trainers can access e-Learning courses anytime and anywhere!

Browse our extensive collection of e-Learning materials for RTOs and find learning materials that suit your needs. You can also book a tour of our eSkilled LMS platform by giving us a call. Contact us here.

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