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Meet Australia’s Job Market Demands with High-Demand Courses

Popular Vocational Courses

Registered training organisations (RTOs) play a pivotal role in delivering vocational education and training (VET) that caters to the diverse demands of various industries. Providing courses with high demand is essential for RTOs to stay competitive and meet the needs of learners and the job market.

This guide delves into high-demand courses, ensuring that RTOs are equipped to adapt to industry trends and learner preferences effectively. Additionally, it encompasses CRICOS popular vocational courses, catering to international learners seeking quality education in Australia.

This meticulously curated list showcases the most popular vocational courses across RTOs and CRICOS, offering insights into their high demand.

The Most Popular Vocational Courses: High-Demand Courses for RTOs

Qualification Code Qualification Name Total Enrolments Total Number of RTOs with Scope Average 2022 Enrolments per RTO
SIS30321 Certificate III in Fitness 36,235 85 426
TAE40122 Certificate IV Training and Assessment 39,675 112 354
SIS30122 Certificate III in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation 20,880 61 342
SIS20122 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation 14,620 51 287
SIS40221 Certificate IV in Fitness 16,300 59 276
CHC40221 Certificate IV in School Based Education Support 17,255 89 194
CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care 73,855 406 182
CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support 86,425 519 167
CHC40321 Certificate IV in Child, Youth and Family Intervention 4,840 32 151
CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry 29,315 197 149
CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations 16,565 114 145
HLT23221 Certificate II in Health Support Services 7,825 54 145
CPC20220 Certificate II in Construction Pathways 16,655 115 145
HLT43021 Certificate IV Allied Health Assistance 9,050 63 144
HLT33115 Certificate III in Health Services Assistance 15,050 106 142
CPP30321 Certificate III in Cleaning Operations 6,850 49 140
FNS40222 Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping 25,340 183 138
HLT52021 Diploma Remedial Massage 6,055 45 135
CPC10120 Certificate I in Construction 18,795 147 128
CHC40421 Certificate IV in Youth Work 6,255 50 125
SIT30622 Certificate III in Hospitality 28,140 235 120
HLT37315 Certificate III in Health Administration 3,400 31 110
CHC50121 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care 39,240 358 110
CHC32015 Certificate III in Community Services 17,350 161 108
HLT33021 Certificate III Allied Health Assistance 6,865 64 107
CHC42021 Certificate IV in Community Services 11,465 109 105
FNS30122 Certificate III in Financial Services 3,020 29 104
SIT20421 Certificate II in Cookery 19,375 187 104
CHC43121 Certificate IV in Disability Support 29,395 286 103
AHC20422 Certificate II Horticulture 6,110 94 65
SIT20322 Certificate II in Hospitality 36,500 363 101
AHC30722 Certificate III Horticulture 6,300 63 100
CHC52021 Diploma in Community Services 29,260 298 98
SIT30821 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery 31,485 333 95
SHB30121 Certificate III in Beauty Services 6,550 72 91
HLT47321 Certificate IV in Health Administration 2,945 33 89
CPC50220 Diploma of Building and Construction 12,365 141 88
CPC40120 Certificate IV Building and Construction 12,890 153 84
SIT40521 Certificate IV in Kitchen Management 34,045 412 83
CUA31020 Certificate III in Screen and Media 5,695 74 77
CHC43315 Certificate IV in Mental Health 11,990 156 77
CPC20120 Certificate II in Construction 4,200 55 76
SHB50121 Diploma of Beauty Therapy 6,450 85 76
CHC24015 Certificate II in Active Volunteering 5,295 70 76
ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology 7,985 107 75
FNS30322 Certificate III in Accounts Administration 3,635 49 74
AHC20122 Certificate II in Agriculture 5,085 75 68
SIT20122 Certificate II in Tourism 3,600 55 65

We analysed the enrolment data from for both the current and superseded versions of each qualification in the same year to ensure accurate enrolment information is presented.

  1. SIS30321 Certificate III in Fitness

    With a growing emphasis on health and wellness, the demand for fitness professionals is skyrocketing. This certificate addresses the expanding need for qualified fitness instructors and personal trainers, making it one of many courses with high demand.

  2. TAE40122 Certificate IV Training and Assessment

    Critical for individuals aspiring to become trainers and assessors, this qualification is highly sought-after across various industries. The ongoing demand for skilled trainers further enhances its popularity, particularly with recent updates.

  3. SIS30122 Certificate III in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation

    Equipping individuals with practical skills for the sports and recreation industries, this certificate promises enhanced job prospects as sports coaches, lifeguards, or fitness instructors.

  4. SIS20122 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation

    Australia’s sports and recreation sector continues to grow exponentially. This popular vocational course helps learners develop foundational skills, making it vital for individuals pursuing careers in this field.

  5. SIS40221 Certificate IV in Fitness

    Offering advanced training in fitness, this high-demand course appeals to individuals aiming to establish fitness businesses or assume leadership roles within existing organisations.

Most Popular Vocational Courses: CRICOS Courses with High Demand

Code Program name Number of CRICOS RTOs Providing Enrolments Per RTO
MEM30219 Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade 2 128
SIR30216 Certificate III in Retail 3 93
AUR50216 Diploma of Automotive Technology 57 93
BSB30719 Certificate III in Work Health and Safety 1 85
SIR20216 Certificate II in Retail Services 2 73
BSB40820 Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication 93 72
AUR40216 Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis 113 66
BSB50820 Diploma of Project Management 147 65
  1. MEM20105 Certificate II in Engineering

    With an increase in engineering job vacancies, this certificate equips candidates with essential skills for entry-level roles, making it a high-demand course on CRICOS.

  2. AHC30620 Certificate III in Production Horticulture

    In response to the growing demand for horticulture professionals, this course has become one of the most popular vocational courses on CRICOS. It provides specialized training for diverse career pathways within the industry.

  3. FNS40821 Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking

    In a dynamic finance and mortgage broking sector, this certificate addresses evolving regulatory requirements, attracting CRICOS students seeking professional development.

  4. CPC20120 Certificate II in Construction

    Amidst ongoing construction projects, this certification addresses industry shortages for entry-level positions, making it into the list of CRICOS courses with high demand.

  5. MEM30219 Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade

    With mechanical engineers in high demand, this certification offers numerous opportunities for entry-level professionals in supporting various production aspects.

Empowering RTOs to Meet Industry Demand

As the demand for skilled professionals continues to rise across industries in Australia, RTOs play an essential role. By offering popular vocational courses that meet industry needs and align with CRICOS requirements, RTOs ensure they remain competitive and relevant. This guide empowers RTOs to effectively address industry demands, serving both local and international learners seeking quality education in Australia.

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