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ICT RTO Materials & e-Learning Resources for Information and Communications Technology

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Looking to boost compliance and facilitate better training outcomes whilst saving money? eSkilled has you covered. Our award-winning ICT RTO materials have been carefully crafted by VET professionals who understand how to simplify compliance and training delivery. Our resources contain detailed, step-by-step instructions to guide learners successfully through each step of the student journey.
Our range of affordable digital ICT resources pair perfectly with the matching ICT e-Learning resources, for a powerful combination to fuel your RTO. Our ICT RTO e-Learning resources are designed to maximise student engagement and improve knowledge retention with interactive elements, self-marking quizzes, audio narration and more!
  • Support your trainers and students with better ICT training resources and e-Learning materials for RTOs

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In addition to our ICT RTO training resources and matching e-Learning materials, we have a huge library of 10,000+ materials from a variety of training packages including BSB, CHC, CPP, FNS, FSK, HLT, MEM, RII, SIT, SIS, TAE, UEE and others in addition to the ICT training package.

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Discover what our clients have to say about their experiences with us – real stories, real results, and genuine testimonials that showcase the impact of our commitment to excellence for RTOs and vocational training providers.

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We are deeply honored by the multiple awards acknowledging our dedication to innovation, service excellence, and top-tier instructional design. At eSkilled, our unwavering passion for education and training fuels our commitment, establishing us as an industry leader for RTO resources, where quality and excellence are at the forefront.

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