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BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans RTO Resources with e-Learning Materials

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BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans RTO Materials with e-Learning Resources

Secure the latest BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans training materials today! Providing engaging and compliant training is easy with these learning resources and assessment tools.

These BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans RTO materials also have matching e-Learning resources (optional add-on), so you can have seamless training online and in the classroom.

The Develop and implement business plans RTO materials come equipped with the following compliance tools and features:

Learner Resources

  1. Structured Learner Guide
  2. Learning Activity Booklet
  3. PowerPoint
  4. Workplace Documents

Assessment Tools

  1. Various Assessment Tasks
  2. Assessor’s Checklist
  3. Observation Form
  4. Detailed Mapping Document

Additional Features

  1. Unlimited Student Licence
  2. Editable Digital Format
  3. Printable and Uploadable to LMS

e-Learning Resources

  1. Interactive Elements
  2. Narrated Course Content
  3. Cross-device Compatibility
  4. Plug-and-play, Out-of-the-box Resource

It’s easy to deliver exceptional BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans training with these learning and assessment materials. Further enhance your training by adding e-Learning resources to your training resource package.

This unit is included in the following qualifications:

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Learner Resources

BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans Learner Resources

Your BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans training materials will have compliance features and other useful tools to help you provide exceptional training.

Your BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans RTO resources come with the following:

  1. Structured Learner Guide

    This tool provides the students with loaded yet concise information and notes pertinent to the skills required to complete the course. You can also modify this tool to your own style to fit a classroom or an online learning setting.

  2. Learning Activity Booklet

    Ensure that your students gain the competence they need to complete the course and successfully enter the workforce with these formative assessments. Provide a constructive learning experience with this tool to reinforce the information relayed to the students.

  3. PowerPoint

    Can be used to support offline training delivery or webinars. You have the freedom to choose the way you want to train! This tool provides you with an easier method to relay important information to the students while improving their knowledge retention. Students will also have a great overview of their learner guides.

  4. Workplace Documents

    Includes supplemental documents such as policies, proced ures, diagrams, and other relevant materials to help students prepare for their assessment. These learner resources were designed by instructional professionals with the help of industry experts to ensure that students and trainers get only the most relevant and updated information for their BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans training resources.

For more information about these learner resources, send us an email or fill out the form!

Assessment Tools

BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans Assessment Tools

These assessment tools make it easier for trainers to judge students’ competency and document their progress which is imperative for compliance and audits. The assessment resources below have been validated by an expert development team to make sure you receive quality resources.

Your BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans assessment tools include:

  1. Various Assessment Tasks

    Save time sorting out your assessment more efficiently with this tool’s organised assessment tasks against the required units. This includes written theory questions, practical observations of workplace skills, and more.

  2. Assessor’s Checklist

    A handy tool to document and ensure your students satisfactorily meet their assessments. Don’t miss important steps during student assessment with this checklist. This tool also helps you to be more organised and lets you keep on track with every student’s assessment.

  3. Observation Form

    Use this form to document a candidate’s performance and make sure they demonstrate the practical skills needed to complete the course. This tool guides when conducting the initial stages of assessment.

  4. Detailed Mapping Document

    A comprehensive matrix of all the unit requirements mapped to the assessment tasks. This is a very helpful tool that will help you find and show auditors where assessment requirements are met in the tools.

Deliver training exactly the way you want it with these BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans assessment tools.

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Simulated Business

Deliver the best training using the Bounce Fitness Simulated Business Site made for BSBOPS601 RTO resources!

This simulated workplace is a cost-effective way for you to train your students in an off-the-job environment that replicates business and industry processes. Challenge your students to use their practical skills and knowledge with real-life workplace scenarios!

Ready to level up your training? Find out more about the incredible features of Bounce Fitness.

The Bounce Fitness Simulated Business Site

Unlimited use of the resources
No need to worry about limitations and restrictions because you will receive all access to this simulated business environment for the lifetime of the units you license!

Expansive library of workplace files
You will find hundreds of documents that mirror those of real businesses, such as policies and procedures, minutes of the meeting, business strategies, role descriptions, and so much more!

Early exposure to these types of files will give your students hands-on experience handling them, especially for those who still don’t have any working experience. Employed learners can use their organisation files OR those provided in the simulated business site depending on what is most appropriate.

One set of login credentials
Say goodbye to creating unique logins and save yourself the hassle! Once we deliver your training resources, you will also receive your logins to Bounce Fitness. It makes your life easier since all trainers and students can use this one set of credentials to access the site.

Documents in PDF format
Make the most of these resources and make them your own. You can freely adapt them to meet and support your training delivery needs.

Our training resources are in an editable digital format which you can easily contextualise and modify according to your RTO’s requirements.

Enquire Now!

Matching this with your BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans training materials can elevate and enhance your students’ learning journey. Discover what else Bounce Fitness Simulated Business Site can do for your RTO by enquiring today!

e-Learning Resources

BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans e-Learning Resources

The matching BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans e-Learning resources developed by eSkilled, Australia’s most trusted e-Learning resources developer. These e-Learning resources were designed specifically for RTO use which means they have all the tools and features students and trainers love.

Your e-Learning resources include:

  1. Engaging Learning Content

    The e-Learning resource contains everything from the learner resource further enhanced with interactive, clickable elements to improve student engagement and help with knowledge retention.

  2. Summative Quiz Chapters

    Students can quiz themselves and go back to portions of the learner resource where they have most trouble. No need for trainer intervention! Students can study independently, in their own time, and at their own pace.

  3. Narrated Course Content

    Students can read or listen to their learner resources! This is especially helpful for those with LLN issues to better understand the course content.

  4. Cross-device Compatibility

    Access the learner resources anytime, anywhere, on any device! Students and trainers can pull out the e-Learning resource on their phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet.

  5. Plug-and-play, Out-of-the-box Resource

    The e-Learning resources are SCORM/HLTM5 compliant. Easily install these e-Learning resources on popular LMS platforms such as eSkilled, Moodle, Canvas, etc.

Deliver excellent training with the help of these exemplary e-Learning resources to match your training resources.

Enquire today or schedule an e-Learning resource demo to see exactly what these resources can do!


About eSkilled

eSkilled has partnered with a leading resource developer to create matching e-Learning resources for the training materials. The e-Learning materials enhance the training resources by making them more engaging, interactive, and adding summary quizzes.

If you’d like to deliver training straight away, eSkilled provides an LMS subscription with the course built-in so you can train as soon as possible.

For more information about the e-Learning resources terms of sale, please check out the terms of sale here.

About TotalVET Training Resources

TotalVET Training Resources developed the learning and assessment materials for BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans.

For more information on the BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans RTO materials terms of sale, please click here.

To learn more about the BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans training package rules, check out here .

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